Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

The funeral of the queen’s husband is on 17th April. I am sure we all, especially those who have lost someone dear to them, empathise with the queen and her family for their loss. This is the Duke of Edinburgh’s coat of arms which is based on his family background. For the details read on

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born in Greece of Danish descent but became a British citizen and gave up his Danish and Greek titles. He was created Duke of Edinburgh by George IV in 1947 on the day of his marriage to the then, Princess Elizabeth. In 1957 the queen made him a prince of the United Kingdom. His titles will pass to Prince Charles. This is his coat of arms is unique to him. It shows a quartered shield

First quarter, from the Danish royal arms is gold with 3 blue lions “passant” and nine red hearts

Second quarter, from the Greek flag because he was born in Greece

Third quarter, white with two black stripes from his mother’s family, Mountbatten

Fourth quarter, from Edinburgh arms.

The Supporters are a “savage” carrying a club wearing a blue oak wreath which is from the Danish royal arms. The Danes had a similar figure on both sides. The rampant lion with a forked tail is from the Mountbatten arms. It has a blue coronet around its neck to represent the navy which was Prince Philips career and a ducal crown on its head.

Prince Philip’s father was Prince Andrew of Greece, who was the brother of King Constantinos I of Greece. Prince Philip’s uncle the king abdicated in 1922. Andrew and Constantinos were sons of George I of Greece but George was not actually Greek by birth. He was a member of the Danish royal family, the son of Christian IX of Denmark. Hence the inclusion of Danish royal symbols on Prince Philip’s coat of arms.

Prince Philip’s mother’s maiden name when she married was Princess Alice von Battenburg. Her father was Prince Louis von Battenburg later during WWI anglicised his name to Mountbatten. Although it was from his mother’s side not his father’s, when Prince Philip became a British citizen in 1947 he took the surname Mountbatten. Prince Philip’s mother was a great grand daughter of Queen Victoria. Princess Alice von Battenburg’s mother was Victoria of Hesse and Rhine and her parents were Princess Alice (second eldest daughter of Queen Victoria) and Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse. To complicate matters further, another of Queen Victoria’s daughters, the youngest girl, Princess Beatrice married into the von Battenburg family.

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