Announcing a new sister website

A couple of guide friends and I were talking about how we love to delve deep into some subjects that really interest us and how great it would be to share our knowledge with visitors. is the result.

Staying home more because of Covid 19 has given me time to work on my computer skills. For months I have been looking at how to build a website and now here it is.

The photo of Buckingham Palace was taken from a bridge in St James Park. We often cross the bridge when I am taking tours of Westminster. This photo is on one of the sliders of the new website.

There are still things I need to tweak but I am very proud of the website. I was a real technophobe so this just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it.

My friends and I hope you like our specialist FBI tours. Watch the videos, it will help with our search engine ratings and hopefully you will enjoy them.

Click on the link👍

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