2021 Virtual Tours and Lectures

It looks like we will not be taking real life tours of London until March at least so in the meantime I can offer a virtual tour and lectures via zoom. The tour or lecture lasts about an hour including some time for questions and answers. For more details or to book any of them Contact Me

Virtual Tours


This visit is my idiosyncratic take on a tiny area of the City of London. I look at buildings and sculpture to tell stories.  We start in the middle of the skyscraper cluster of London, find out why these businesses are here and discover secret courtyards and old churches that are tucked here and there near the Gherkin. This tour is not a replica of a regular visit it is a live experience via Zoom so we can move through the area as it is now and use illustrations to be transported back and forth in history. Contact Me


My interest in spies started 2016 when I took a guiding course in France, I had to invent a walking tour and chose to base it on a detective novel set in France during WWII. Part of the tour discussed the French resistance. That led me to the SOE – Special Operations Executive from Britain


I thought of doing a London walk on the subject but locations are too spread out walk so a virtual lecture is an ideal way to present the story of our spy networks from when they officially began to when they were officially acknowledged by the government, not the same thing at all. The lecture is a C20th history of the British Secret Service. Contact Me


France was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1940. The French government fled Paris, first to Tours then to Bordeaux where they made the fateful decision to sign an armistice with Hitler. What made them do it and what happened next, the French resistance and the heroes and heroines who fought alongside them in the dark days of WWII. That is what this lecture is about. Contact Me